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A community-based province-wide activity (open to African Nova Scotian students and any student enrolled in a CAEP) outside regular school curriculum sponsored by the Black Educators Association’s (BEA) Regional Educators Program (REP) and Cultural Academic Enrichment Programs (CAEPs) supported by corporate donations.


The purpose of the REP Provincial Spelling BEE is to focus on English language basics; foster learning of African Nova Scotian students studying the English language; and introduce and encourage students to compete in regional, national and international finals.


The annual provincial competition serves as the culminating activity of BEE Supportive of Our CAEPs – a comprehensive educational strategy underway within BEA’s after-school programs directed at superior language acquisition for African Nova Scotian learners aiming to expand on every child’s character while mobilizing education committees across the province.


The REP Provincial Spelling BEE has received ubiquitous support throughout Nova Scotia with school boards across the province making a financial contribution and having competitors in the extensive Program.  The annual competition is open to the public with invitations to superintendents, principals, teachers, members of the Black Educators Association, parents and families, elected school board members across Nova Scotia and other educational stakeholders. BEA’s challenging academic competition is held in May during the same time as the US-based Scripps National Spelling Bee and is open to African Nova Scotian students aged eight to 15 years (8-15) across the province and any student enrolled in a CAEP (an after-school program) operated by the Black Educators Association.  Winners will take home education awards of $500, $300 and $200 along with gift cards and prizes from local businesses.


2007 – Year 1 – Championship Word – Truculent – John Beaton – New Glasgow

2008 – Year 2 – Championship Word – Knish – John Beaton – New Glasgow

2009 – Year 3 – Championship Word – Dyslexia – John Beaton – New Glasgow

2010 – Year 4 – Championship Word – Concede – Jack Andrew – Waverley

2011 – Year 5 – Championship Word - Salmonella – Ashley Beaton – New Glasgow

2012 – Year 6 – Championship Word – Salmonella – Tomi Akinkunmi - Halifax

2013 -  Year 7 - Championship Word - Narcoleptic - Izabelle Chase - Truro

2014 - Year 8 - Championship Word - Magnificently - Izabelle Chase, Truro

2015 - Year 9 - Championship Word - Hypothesize - Ashton MacRae, Antigonish

2016 - Year 10 - Championship Word - Hypochondria - Sebastian Barrington,

2017 - Year 11 - Championship Word - Adorned - Tobi Oshikoya, Truro

2018 - Year 12 - Championship Word -Brilliant - Kaleb Williams, Antigonish




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