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Regional Educators


Initiated by the Black Learners Advisory Committee and sponsored by the African Canadian Services Division, the Regional Educators Program for African Nova Scotians was developed to empower parents and to ensure that all African Nova Scotian Learners have access to an equitable learning experience through the development, delivery and support of educational programs and services.


The Regional Educators Program has developed four approaches to achieve the goals stated above:

  1. Create active and functioning community based support structures province wide, such as the education committees, that help parents understand how the Nova Scotia education system works and provides parents with a means by which they can influence decisions affecting African Nova Scotian learners.

  2. Providing a leadership role in community, Regional Educators throughout the province have become a source for information and support for parents by helping to direct and channel grievances to the appropriate.

  3. Advocacy and community involvement.

  4. Regional Educators stay abreast of all developments in the field of education, thereby delivering well informed decisions.




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